Change Agents

Who can be a Change Agent?

The short answer is... ANYONE! Our Change Agent group consists of individuals receiving serivces, peer specialists, mental health and substance abuse providers, frontline clinicians, administrative staff, executive directors, and more.

What does a Change Agent do?

Change Agents understand and apply the general principle that making small improvements can have a large effect on their community. There are many things that a Change Agent can do to benefit a wide scope of people:

  • Improvements to the service delivery system
  • Interactions and collaborations with other agencies
  • Learning and adaptation of new practices and techniques to help people with complex needs
  • Adjustments to accomodate the needs of colleagues and people receiving services in their organization
  • And the list can go on...

What does being a Change Agent involve?

  • Attendance at Change Agent meetings, held 8 times per year
  • Commitment to using Change Agent tools to help change your own agency, e.g., COMPASS-EZ
  • Collaboration with other organizations in your community

How can I become a Change Agent?

Attend one of our many Change Agent Meetings to begin interacting with MC3 stakeholders and principles! After just one workshop, you will interact with many different agencies in your area and discover opportunities to learn new techniques and tools to apply to your own practice or agency.

Please visit the Contact page to get in touch with someone to help you learn more about getting involved!


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