The MC3 Steering Committee

The Milwaukee Comprehensive Care Collaborative is led by a Steering Committee, comprised of individuals committed to providing direction and focus for the Change Agents and the collective initiatives of MC3. Participants on the Steering Committee are mental health and substance use service providers, administrators, hospital representatives, community and cultural organization representatives, and more.

Meeting Minutes

Purpose & Principles

Starting in 2009, Milwaukee County stakeholders joined in a partnership to create a system of care built around the needs, hopes, and dreams of the individuals and families who need care at every level. We challenge ourselves to spearhead systems integration efforts, guide implementation, and continually assess progress in meeting our core principles of recovery and competence in treating individual with co-occurring disorders.

We recognize that individuals and families with co-occurring mental health issues, substance use disorders, and other complex conditions in Milwaukee County are a population with poorer outcomes and higher costs in multiple clinical domains. Rather than being welcomed and prioritized for care, they are often stigmatized, re-traumatized, and inadequately served.

MC3 has identified the Comprehensive, Continuous, Integrated System of Care (CCISC) model as a framework for quality improvement oriented integrated system design and implementation that embeds trauma-informed care. The basic principles of CCISC have been described by Drs. Ken Minkoff and Chris Cline and are listed in the MC3 Mission Statement. The intention is to create a system of care that is welcoming, recovery-oriented, culturally intelligent, accessible, integrated, continuous, and comprehensive.

MC3 Subcommittees

  • Outreach and Retention
  • Academic Work Group
  • Cultural Intelligence/Person-Centered Care
  • Evaluation
  • Electronic Communications

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