MC3 Values: Overview

These values are the aspirational guiding principles of MC3 and are intended to help Milwaukee County develop into a recovery-oriented system of care. The word “Co-occurring” is not limited to mental illness and substance use, but rather can encompass the many complex dynamics that makes each person seeking help, an individual. The values should be incorporated with the broad sense of co-occurring without confines of a particular set of concerns. The term “help” is defined by each person’s needs and wants.

Commitment to MC3 Values implies a commitment to a Quality Improvement Process, which should include a Quality Improvement Plan designed to implement these values. Agencies can use the values and Indicators as a tool to help drive their Quality Improvement Plan. They are not meant to be a checklist or necessarily used in the order presented.

NOTE: Indicators and Assessments are not an exhaustive list, but rather suggestions on possible measurable outcomes and tools your agency can utilize. Some indicators and/or assessments may not be applicable to your particular agency/organization. Each agency is encouraged to identify and/or develop indicators and assessments that are most relevant to its purpose and mission.


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